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I learned my lesson when I ordered from!

I used to really enjoy checking out the website and seeing what offerings they had. Though I often found there stuff to be EXTREMELY overpriced, I liked the fact they support artists - even if they are taking a HUGE chunk of profit for themselves.

I finally found an item I couldn't pass up - the perfect anniversary gift for my significant other! I ordered it a month and a half before our one year anniversary - expecting to see it on the day or a few days after.

Within a week I received an email saying it was shipped. Considering I am only as far away as Canada, I figured I'd see the package soon.

Over two months, and my anniversary passed by and I still saw NOTHING! I had to tell my significant other what happened, and they were thoroughly disappointed.

I sent a very strong worded email to the website DEMANDING a refund and an explanation. They simply dismissed it as being 'lost in the mail' and gave me a refund. I kind of got the vibe this happens often.

The funny thing is after my experience I did some research and this seems to be a common problem for them! I am starting to wonder if the only positive reviews are written by the staff themselves!

Oh and get this, I saw another negative review on this site for, and the owner herself decided to defend herself and her site in the comments! I can't believe shanalogic resorts to THAT!

Save your money and frustration. If you want a unique gift, just suck it up and pound the beat yourself!

Review about: Necklace.



I have ordered from Shanalogic quite a bit and I've never, ever had a problem with shipping, product quality or anything else.In fact I just received my newest order the other day.

I ordered and it arrived within 7 days. Every company is going to have some issues, but it seems they refunded your money in a timely manner, so what's the deal? I sent my cousin (who lives in Canada) a Christmas card but apparently didn't use enough postage - I JUST got the card back two days ago.

It's often a postal service issue and not the company itself.Keep it up Shana!!!


:sigh im worried about wether shanalogic will really have great delivery service, but i trust that even though it wont come, i'll still be able to get refunded and try again later. It's no big deal, really.


I completely disagree with you.Everyone knows shipping to different countries, regardless of how close, can be messy.

It was decent of Shana to refund your money. I had a concern about one of my orders once, and Shana personally e-mailed me back.

She seems very friendly and customer-oriented.

As for the advertisements, just clear your cookies Jon.:) A lot of websites do that.


Shanalogic is an amazing site.I have ordered twice from there, and have been satisfied both times.

I even emailed Shana asking if there were any indie shoe companies, and she herself answered my email within a couple of days. Hand made stuff is expensive.

Quality hand made stuff is even more expensive.But that great feeling you get that you KNOW for sure that you are helping a cool person and her two assistants (she talks about them all the time in her email newsletters) and the indie artists she buys from is all worth it to me.


Okay, the comments on here seem WAY fake.The first one seems like a *** advertisement.

based on the second google search being 'shanalogic scam' under 'shanalogic' and this review, and the comments on this review that sound like they were written by the owner of the company... Screw this. I was considering ordering gifts from ShanaLogic, but not anymore. I'll be warning my friends.

Especially if anything happens to this comment.

I think it's likely that this business is as corrupt as the base of the LimeCrime products they sell...I should have been wary of the connection to THAT little existence.


Shanalogic CAN and DOES deliver - and both times I've ordered, I received my parcel well under the 4-6 weeks estimated for international delivery.In fact, I order Nov.7 and recieved my parcel today...

a mere 11 days! The quality is awesome and seriously... you are going to complain about the price AFTER you ordered... artists are creating these wonderful indie items and the cost is upfront - if the item is more than you want to pay, don't order it!

You demanded an explanation... got one... lost in the mail - come on - Canada post loses CANADIAN parcels... is it really that far fetched that an international shipment goes astray - these things happen.

Did they say too bad, so sad - NO... you received a full reimbursement. I call that GOOD customer service. I had a question before ordering and received an email back in less than an hour...

how many companies put that kind of personal attention to their business. People thinking about ordering from Shana Logic... don't let one bad review of many good ones deter you. Their stuff is WAY CUTE and stands the test of time.

I have had backpacks break within a semester or two, but the messenger bag is still going strong year 2 :).I would not hesitate to order again, in fact, I am creating a new list because I forgot to order the bff heart locket and it's just too cute!


Ive ordered from shanalogic, from on email giftcard, from friends who order from the website regulary, and no problems ever reported.Its a handmade item small business.

I trust it more than ebay. I ordered from Bakers shoes website, they sent a boot in a different size, color, style and price bracket. When i called fof how they packed a wrong item, i couldnt even get the boot i ordered because it was sold out and didnt exist! I was was disappointed but the kicker is it took over 4 months to even see them start my refund!

Thats a big company screwing up. Shana personally writes a note on the invoice and takes time to pack items. Ive had an international fashiin designer stirds boxes repeatddly show up trashed by ups. My brothers gift card was ripped from his birthday card and ONLY an envelope open was delivered!

Reported it to the us postal service and over a year has gone by and no progress made in my case.

So stuff happens.Not fair, but im defending shanalogic.


I used Shanalogic, after being recommended by a friend in america (I live in England), and although I can kind of see where you are coming from with the 'overpriced' statement, I have to completely disagree with everything else. I received EVERYTHING I ordered less than 2 weeks after ordering. And I was told it would take a minimum of four, so I was VERY happy with the delivery service.


I have bought from shanalogic before and they are great, I have received my products on time.Many many times are problems when an item is shipped internationally and it happens to many companies not just shanalogic.

In my experience the owner was great, and even answered my questions soon and in a very nice way.Shop away at this great website.


Shanalogic is actually quite a good online store if you ask me. I've order from them twice and have received my packages both times.


I just wanted to thank those who have taken the time to read my response :-) You guys are amazing!!! :-)


I'm getting annoyed by a ShanaLogic banner showing up on every webpage I visit.It's like the company is holding my browser hostage.

I don't know how they do that, but I feel like a captive audience.

Feel free to explain how that works.Does a cookie just crowd out any other banners?


What you've never heard of things being lost in the mail? That happens all the time. If shanlogic were a bad company then why would the even bother to refund your money?


Why is Shana of Shanalogic "resorting to defend herself" a bad thing?I don't know about you, but when someone makes a statement about me that is hurtful or wrong, I defend myself.

Since when is defending oneself a bad thing.

I bet you're one of those people that never left the high school drama behind.Grow up and welcome to the real world.


I have ordered from Shanalogic several times and have received my items every time.


you live in canada the postal service up there sucks


I also have a small online business, and unfortunately thing like this do happen. It sounds like ShanaLogic did the best they could for you by refunding your money.


I have placed several orders from Shanalogic and every one of them was delivered in a timely manner.The owner is very nice and understanding if you have any issues.

I understand that accidents happen and it can be frustrating when thinks get lost in the mail, but considering the original poster got a full refund I see no reason to be quite that upset and certainly no reason to spread such horrible things about the site from one bad experience!Also, while some of the items are somewhat expensive, you have to remember that they are hand made by the artists and that takes then quite alot of time and dedication.


i have heard alot of negative comments about shanalogic and they have really cute stuff there :sigh ,but i dnt want to be scammed.... so is this a good place to shop?????? :? :)


I am the owner of Shana Logic (a company that is run by myself and 2 part time assistants) and I just wanted to personally respond to this comment because many of the claims in it are just not true. Obviously any store is going to have 1 or 2 negative reviews but it's always so depressing to read them because I try so hard to make shopping fun at Shana Logic!

I'm very sorry your items didn't arrive - You chose first class shipping (which has no tracking) and when an item has no tracking and it gets lost (which is not very often - in fact we haven't had a lost package yet this year!), we have a policy to REFUND your order in full. The reason we do this is because we can't re-ship it without tracking again because it might get lost again! We do offer priority mail with tracking and that way we can track the package and it only takes a week or two to show up.

I take my customer complaints VERY seriously because I want my shoppers to be happy! I'm so upset that you didn't have a good experience and I wish you had told me how you felt so that I could do something to make you happy (trust me, I really don't give up! :-)

There are some other hurtful statements in this complaint suggesting that many packages are lost, that I doctor comments and take unfair profits, which are untrue and very slanderous. I LOVE what I do and I love supporting artists! I'm not sure why this person would say such hurtful and untrue things but I'll just assume it's because they're so frustrated that they got a full refund and their items were lost? What they are suggesting is so unethical and I just can't believe they'd randomly suggest those things...

If this complaint makes you in any way doubt the validity of my business, please email me at shana at so I can answer any questions you might have! :-) 25% of my customers are international and I'm confident you'll love shopping with me!



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SHANALOGIC..COM - not reliable for on time deliveries or shipping

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Apparently this company does not come through with it's promises. I ordered something on Dec 9th or so, and with paying express shipping, i was promised delivery by dec.22 at the latest. So far, that hasnt happened. It's Dec 23 and there is no sign of the package, and using the tracking number i was given just yesterday, the package is at least two days away, meaning it may be here on the 26th...

When i contacted the company, the lady who runs it, Shana Victor (, just told me to be 'patient' and if the items, in fact, did not come in by xmas i would get a refund, less the shipping; the very shipping (express) i paid for to make it here on time... bullsh*t. I'm returning it and stopping payment on Paypal. i'd rather not have the Sh*t than give something i dislike now... no money to the company, and stop payment. whatever...

I STRONGLY recomment not shopping on the site. Overpriced and unreliable.

Review about: Earrings.



2 more successful transactions - one in November and one in December.Delivery time to Canada....

11 days and 9 days.Very happy with customer service, delivery, and especially the products :).


I felt that I should add to this as I almost didn't order from Shana Logic because of this review, but bit the bullet and ordered anyways especially after seeing that it was posted only 1 day after the promised shipping date.I'm glad this review didn't deter me.

Everything went very smoothly - the ordering process, confirmation emails of both the order and shipping and we just received our order today and my daughter is thrilled with the items.

I'm very impressed with the quality of work and would not hesitate to order again.BTW>>> it was an international order to Canada with no snags :).


This customer did get their items in a timely fashion. In fact, the tracking shows delivery by xmas which was our official promise. (this review is from 2 years ago and he still won't remove it!)

When I contacted him, he admitted that he did get it on time but would not remove this review for some reason which is really disheartening.

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